Chinese week: From the 5th to 11th of November

Did you know?
The meaning of the Dragon Symbol in Chinese Culture

In Chinese culture, dragons symbolize immense power, good fortune, and authority. They’re associated with control over natural elements like typhoons, rainfall, and floods.  
These mythical creatures play an important role in Chinese festivities, notably during the celebration of the Chinese New Year. These remarkable creations are skillfully constructed from bamboo and adorned with gleaming fabrics, maneuvered by dedicated dancers.


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Sweet soy chicken ǀ Longbeans ǀ Hoisin reduction ǀ Chilli pepper aioli ǀ Atjar 

Potstickers have a legendary origin story. A chef in China’s Imperial Court accidentally burnt one side of a batch of dumpling, but instead of discarding them, he served them as is and they were a hit. This led to intentionally making potstickers this way, a technique that persists today. We’ve recreated this dish filled with silky minced soy chicken and long beans. Served with a rich hoisin reduction, chili pepper oil and topped with some atjar, offering a twist with a nod to Chinese culinary heritage in Suriname.

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Gambas ǀ Madame jeanette chilli oil ǀ Brioche

The Madame Gambas a take on the diverse Chinese Cuisine and French Cooking. Hereby we used locally sourced madame jeanette to make our aromatic chili oil. This oil is heated to a sizzling temperature, as we pour it on our Large Tiger Prawns served alongside freshly baked challah buns to dip and feast on.

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