Indigenous week: From the 22nd to the 28th of October

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Native American Headdresses


Native American Headdresses are significant symbols of honor and bravery. They are typically worn by tribal leaders and warriots as a sign of their accomplishments and courage in battle. The privilege to wear a headdress is attained through various tribal customs and rites of passage.




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Plantain crusted sea trout served with fondant of local ground provisions, water cress- tomato salad and a pepre watra jus.
Our beloved Fish entrée on our a la carte menu, in this dish Pepre watra is the star, a traditional Native American soup dish prepared with freshly caught fish, and often accompanied by homemade cassava bread. At Eco Torarica, we pay tribute to our indigenous ancestors by crafting a velvety pepre watra paired with plantain crusted Sliver Sea trout. With this harmonious blend of flavors, we aim to take you on a journey through the traditions of the native people.

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