Javanese week: From the 19th of November to the 24th of November

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In 2009, Indonesian batik was designated as a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. This recognition highlights its cultural and artistic significance. The art of batik in Indonesia has a history that dates back over a thousand years. The word "batik" itself is derived from the Javanese word "amba" (to write) and "titik" (dot), reflecting the traditional method of creating intricate patterns through wax resist and dyeing. Batik is used for a wide range of items, including clothing, sarongs, bedspreads, tablecloths, and more. It is an integral part of daily life in Indonesia.


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Indo-Javanese broth ǀ Pulled chicken ǀ Boiled egg ǀ Bean sprouts ǀ Potato crisps 

The saoto soup is inspired by the Indonesian Soto Ayam. It was brought to Suriname by Javanese immigrants who customized it with local ingredients. The main ingredient for this delicious soup consists of a lemongrass & galangal bouillon. Traditionally, it is garnished with mung bean sprouts, potato crisps, fried onions, fresh celery and a boiled egg alongside condiments such as hotsauce and ketjap manis.  

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Spring roll consisting of sauteed long beans, bean sprouts and cabbage tossed in sambal Gudang

Our Gudang Lumpiang is a fusion of the Indonesian gudang salad in a lumpia, making it one of our vegan and vegetarian snacks on our menu. Typically, a lumpia consists of a filling and a wrapper, varying from a savory crepe to rice paper, ours is filled with a rich salad composed of local vegetables such as cabbage, mung bean sprouts, long beans flavored with coconut gudang sambal. We invite you to experience the delightful Gudang Lumpiang at Eco Torarica.

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Grilled Javanese turmeric & coriander chicken skewers topped with coconut seroendeng and toasted peanuts 

This Chicken Satay is inspired by our rich Indonesian-Surinamese Heritage diving deep in the flavors of Java with locally obtained produce. The inspiration derives from the Indonesian Pangang Ayam Kunjit, or Roasted Turmeric Chicken, were ingredients such as turmeric, coriander seed, lemongrass, galangal and coconut are prominent. We welcome you to our breezy Bougainville Terrace at Eco Torarica to try the Chicken Satay.   

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