Creole week: From the 29th of October to the of 4th November

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Cassava or Yucca is a versatile crop. While it's known for its starchy tuberous roots, the entire plant is used. The leaves are also edible and are used in various dishes in some regions. Cassava contains naturally occurring cyanogenic compounds, which can be toxic if consumed raw. To make cassava safe to eat, it's typically processed through methods like boiling, fermenting, or sun-drying. In some countries, cassava is used to brew traditional alcoholic beverages like "kasiri" and "malafu." These drinks are important culturally and socially.


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Sauteed salted fish cake along with confit of local ground provisions, sundried tomato aioli, soft boiled egg and string beans.

The “heri heri” dish originates from the plantations of Suriname in the 19th century. It comprises ingredients that were readily available to the enslaved creole people on the plantations, including native cassava, sweet potato, and purple yams. At Eco Torarica we honor our creole ancestors by adding an Eco twist to the traditional recipe.

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For $ 31, -

Chicken ballotine glazed in sweet soy accompanied by pom daheen brûlée, baby string beans, charred cabbage and kasripo demi-glace.

The Roasted Chicken Kecap, reflects on a fusion between the Creole and Javanese Cuisines in Suriname. Highlighting staple flavors within each cuisine from pom tayer, also known as pommes dasheen, to ketjap manis and kasripo, fermented bitter cassava jus. Delivering a unique combination of sweet and savory components.

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For $ 31, -

Seared and sliced certified angus beef sirloin steak alongside a cassava couscous salad, baby spinach and a burgundy-podosiri jus.

The Sirloin Steak Tagliata embodies the richness of Surinamese cuisine, featuring cassava as a beloved staple in the form of Couscous made by our maroon volk, decendents of run a way slaves in the interior parts of Suriname. Accompanied by Podosiri, fruits of the acai tree in our rich Amazonian forest, a duo well known among our maroon brothers and sisters.

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For $ 7,- 

Fruit cake French toast ǀ Cream cheese ganache ǀ Local fruit confiture ǀ Cinnamon feuilletine ǀ Borgoe caramel ice cream.

Fiadu Toast,a french toast made of local prune cake paired with the beloved local Borgoe rum, providing a well-rounded and flavorful experience.

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